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September 24, 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows – June 2010

Having been living in General Cepeda as a team for almost a month, we had finally begun to really sink into our daily routine and schedules of our various ministries.  All just in time to switch everything up and receive a short term mission group!!!  Preparing to receive the group, we heard that it would be a group of families and young adults from Alabama, namely from Our Lady of Sorrows Parish.  Having originally heard that the group was due to arrive early in the afternoon… at about 7:30 in the evening, we felt confident that they would be arriving any minute!!!  In eager anticipation, Jonathan and myself simply could not wait any longer!! We decided then to get on our running gear and run out of town until we met up with the arriving mission team who were surely no more than ten minutes away!! Almost an hour later, running down a long desert road, approaching Ojo de Agua (an ejido outside of town), we began to question our certainty and started to devise plan “Rescue the Gringo’s from having to run back on 6 miles of desertous mountain roads back to town” when over the horizon came three glorious (and obviously American) vehicles to our rescue!!!  The only nervous thought now was… what if they don’t stop and bring us home?!? To avoid this potential catstrophe, Jonathan and myself threw ourselves into the road and began jumping up and down for our lives!!  Needless to say, with laughter rolling through the vehicles as two stranded gringo’s pile in for dear life and a free ride back to town, our incredible week of serving the Lord began!

Our week was filled with many of the usual happenings of a short term trip down to General Cepeda: visiting the sick and homebound, participating in work projects (building a new roof on a chapel and building a room on the home of a single mother with her kids), as well as continuing our ministry out at the racho’s, evangelizing, giving out testimony, witnesses to the Lord, and praying with the people.

Along with many of the usual things that happen on our trips, we also came across a number of the unusual’s which make each trip different from the next!!  The notable’s would include flash flooding, storm with dime-sized hail tearing though the mission house (creating perhaps the greatest, and COLDEST!, slip-n-slide of all time!!), getting stranded at a rancho and having to ride through the desert via motorbike for help, amongst many others.

With so much having happened, it would simply be impossible to recount it all… so as has become my custom, enjoy reliving the week via some photos!!!  And just think, if a picture is worth a thousand words… then really this is a 7,000 word post!!!

– Our Lady of Sorrows marching into town sin vergüenza (without shame) ready to preach the Gospel!!!

– Mr. Ken and group working to rebuild a roof on a local capilla (chapel).

– Falling asleep while playing with the kids, hehe 😛

– A group of the young kids who came with their families on mission!!  Children are the greatest missionaries!!!

– Pilgrimage day to Saltillo, talking with our good friend Hugo who daily sits outside of the Cathedral.

– The whole group after lunch on Saltillo day.

– Praising the Lord (with an abundant blessing of rain!!!) for such an incredible week of missions!!

Next Up: St. Norbert’s Youth Group


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