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September 27, 2010

Mount Saint Mary’s – July 2010

Pushing into the heat of the summer and now three weeks removed from having received a short term trip, our group was pushing onwards and getting back into our daily routine of ministry.  Preparing talks and catechetics programs, visiting the sick and home-bound and traveling out to the ranchos, our day’s had returned to our normal schedule.  However once again, the Lord was quick to shake us from our normalcy by sending us yet another group.  This group however was one unlike any of the other groups we had received.  Organized by Fr. Brett Brannen, this group was made up of about 25 seminarians who had been spending the past five weeks in Querétaro, Mexico studying Spanish.  In addition to these seminarians, we also had a group of full-time missionaries coming down to help lead (Eric, Kristen and Sarah), a Spanish professor (Cynthia from Argentina), and two good friends of ours from Spain (Padre Antoñio Gama y Paz).  With such a different group, our week inevitably was also different from any other we had had.

With the desire not only to use the Spanish that they had been learning, but also wanting to focus on Evangelism, we spent our week going out to the local ejidos both in the morning and in the afternoon.  Breaking up into teams, Father Manuel decided to have us sent out each morning to the same three ejidos, meaning that these three ranchos would be having a weeklong retreat given to them.  In the evening, we continued as is normal, for us to go to a different ejido each evening in an effort to reach as many people as possible.  The blessings of the week were incredible and these people, so hungry and thirsting for the truth, were able to receive the sacraments with a frequency that had never been offered to them before.  God worked miracles this week and the ripple effect of these seminarians, alive and burning with the fire of missions, going back to their own dioceses and parishes one day, to share their experience is going to bring an awakening to the Church that I simply cannot wait to see!!!

– Our first day out at the ejidos for Mass (Pilar de Richardson).

– Our morning rancho group at Fermin!!

– Cutest little girl at Macayu who wanted to learn English and sit with us at Mass 🙂

– Giving my testimony in Spanish at Agua de la Mula.

– Happy after a blessed evening at La Parrita.

– Me, Kristen, Paz, Breanne, and Padre Gama on top of the mountain overlooking General Cepeda!

– Father Matt, Father Brett and Padre Gama concelebrating Mass in the Cathedral in Saltillo!!!

– Cowboy Gama taking a load off his feet after a long week of ministry!

– The group of us in the patio at the Mission House!!!



Next Up: Young Adult Mission Group


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  1. James,
    You definitely have more stamina then I do. I would be totally dead by now. Did you take Spanish in high school or are you learning it there? You and the group are to be admired for all you do. Love, Aunt Rosie

    Comment by Rosemary Duffy — October 12, 2010 @ 2:43 am | Reply

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