Called to Serve

March 23, 2010

The beginning of something AMAZING!

Two weeks into 2010, I find myself being driven to to New York City to begin my life as a missionary.  With a 6 hour drive, there is much to think about. What am I doing again? Leaving my family and friends to go serve the Lord in foreign missions.  Living for Him, to build His Kingdom here on earth. Where am I going? At this time I only thought I’d be going to Germany, Italy, Spain, and Ireland… little did I know we’d have a few more pitstops along the way 😛 Who am I going with? I’ll be starting my mission with four incredible mission partners. Once having arrived in Italy, we will meet up with five more and our team of ten will be complete!  So who are these incredible people I will be spending at least the next two months with? I’ll introduce you to the first five of us…

James (ME!!!) – Washer of dishes. Builder of fires. Jumper over all things that stand in my way (literally :P)

Jonathan – Resident photographer. Contagious laughter. Mexican at heart.

Erika – Drummer extraordinaire. Silent strength. Let’s her hands do the talking for her 🙂

Teresa – Lover of games. Enthusiast of all things donkey! Motherly sensibility.

Sarah Kate – Unparalleled violinist. Chef of all things yummy and southern. Fearless coordinator.

Upon assembling our group of missionaries ready to serve, our journey began. After spending a night with a good friend, Chris Calderone, on Long Island, filled with delicious food, hilarious videos, Mass, and even a moving rendition of ‘Piano Man”, our group made our way to JFK International Airport. Boarding our plane, I can truly say that not one of us could have imagined what the Lord had in store for us… how greatly he was going to be blessing us over the next two months.


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