Called to Serve

March 23, 2010

Germany, Netherlands, Belgium: Jan 12th-16th

Over twelve hours after having left New York, I found myself stepping off of an Aer Lingus flight, stepping onto the cold pavement, covered in snow, in the city of Dusseldorf, Germany.  Surrounded by others speaking this strange foreign language and seeing words on signs that seemed a mile long, we found comfort in seeing two lovely missionaries awaiting our arrival! Amanda and Danielle are two Life Teen Missionaries living in the northern German city of Susterseel.  Along with their mission partner Melanie, these three have been living and working in Germany as youth ministers and missionaries.  Working with the local priest and the surrounding parishes, they do whatever they can to help spread the Word of God, to share the Good News with all those they come in contact with.

Our first few days in Germany consisted of getting to know the girls and their mission, seeing how they have been living, how they have been serving the Lord in the building of His Kingdom.  Each morning, as a community, we would awake and begin our day with Morning Prayer.  We truly believe as missionaries and Christians, that beginning our day is not only important, but necessary.  We MUST give it all to Him! We must give Him everything… our joys, our sufferings, the works of our hands. They are all His!  With only a few days to spend in this beautiful place, we definitely made the most of our time.  Our ministries included having a number of youth nights, including bilingual praise and worship, Bible studies, and simply getting to know the teens and their families. We were also blessed with the opportunity to travel a bit while there. On our third day, our team made it up to the Netherlands (literally a mile away) and spent a good amount of our day there. We began the day with a beautiful communion service in Dutch, and spend the rest of our day as a team checking out the local market and meeting the people.  Later that night, upon returning home, our team had an incredible holy hour for the local youth. Following our holy hour we got to meet the teens we had been praying for and had a great night of fellowship followed by an incredible Bible study.

The next day, our team was able to have a day of pilgrimage to Banneaux, Belgium, a site of a Marian apparition.  An extensive day of prayer was such an incredible blessing to all of us. Spending time in this holy place drew us closer to our Lord and continued to prepare us for the final destination of our mission in Cordoba, Spain.  Our final full day in Germany was full of blessings.  A day of relaxation and prayer concluded by an incredible night of sharing testimonies and prayer with Fr. Roland, an amazing and incredible holy man of God.  Perhaps one of the most self-sacrificing men I have ever met, Fr. Roland shared an incredible testimony of how the Lord worked in His life, how He he captured His heart, and how He called Fr. Roland to, as he said, “be the seed of faith to return to Germany, to die in that place, so that the Lord could use the sacrifice of his life to build His Church”.

The Lord brought us to Germany to see His mission alive and on fire.  He wanted nothing more for us to step out of our comfort zone, in a language that none of us knew, and to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Gospel.  After allowing us to be blessed time and time again, the Lord safely brought us to a small little airport, where our humble team once again boarded a tiny little plane and prepared ourselves for whatever the Lord had in store or us.

Next stop…. Roma, Italia.


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