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March 7, 2011

Newsletter Fall 2010

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So for some reason this was saved as a draft and not posted last fall when it was written. Sorry for the delay. Here it is… more posts to come to catch everyone up with my mission! God Bless!!!

Hello everyone!! Peace and joy in Christ!!! Every few months I do my best to mail out to my benefactors a newsletter telling them of what I’ve been doing in my mission work. For those of you who want to be added to my mailing list, feel free to e-mail me your address at!! For those of you who simply would simply like to glance at my newsletter… here it is!!!

Fall 2010 Newsletter!

Prop up a shovel, take a load off, and click on the link above to read my Newsletter!!!


October 12, 2010

Serve – Summer 2010

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Here at Family Missions Company, we put our a biannual publication called Serve. In this publication, our missionaries are able to share stories, pictures, reflections and experiences of missions over the past few months.  Sent out to over 7.000 households within the United States and across the seas, Serve is one of Family Missions Company’s largest yearly projects.  If you are not yet on our mailing list, feel free to e-mail me your address at, in order to begin receiving Serve!  Check out our Summer 2010 edition on the link below!!!

Sit down for a good read and check out SERVE SUMMER 2010!

September 28, 2010

Young Adult Group – August 2010

Following the group of seminarians, Jonathan and myself found ourselves needing to return to the United States for a few days in order to bring some missionaries back home and to bring others to catch flights to their homes.  After a short little stay at our Big Woods Mission Base in Abbevile, Louisiana, we made our way back to General Cepeda with a small group, including some of our missionaries (Alyse, Susanna, Eric, Sarita and Josiah) and some others coming down for the trip (Catherine Rose and my brother Daniel).  Leaving bright and early in the morning, come afternoon time, we found ourselves in Laredo, Texas where we decided to stay for the night to break up the drive for little Josiah.

Staying the night, we took off early in the morning to cross the border and head down to General!!!  Arriving at the border, we prepared for our usual no problem entry… however little did we know, we would be having a few bumps that day.  After having gotten everyone’s Visa for entry into the country, it turned out that my brother was not being allowed in because Mexico would not accept his Enhanced Driver’s License for a Visa.  Hours later, having exhausted every possibility, sadly we had to return to the States and put Daniel on what would turn out to be an 80 hour bus ride home to Upstate New York, missing out on the mission trip.

After all of that, I finally make my way across the border and begin the final stretch down to General.  A short four hours later, I meet up with the girls and the rest of the group who had left the border earlier happy and awaiting our arrival!!  Settling back down into our home, we awoke the next morning ready to drive to the airport to pick up our newest short term group from Denver, Colorado!  Coming home, we shortly saw off Eric and Sarah on their way to language school in Cuernavaca and began our mission with the group!!!

– Our good friend Don Pedro sitting front and center at one of our Rancho evangelization visits!

– Pouring lodo (mud) onto the adobe blocks to build the wall of a home.

– The second time this wall fell.  After re-building it again from our last work trip (St. Norbert’s), midway through our day the wall fell down on myself and Teresa’s sister Charlotte who was on the trip.  Weighing a few thousand pounds, we just praise the Lord that we were not hurt!!!

– Desert Day in a beautiful cave with an incredibly cold pool of water to relieve me from the heat of the day!!!

– Jonathan and myself after desert day in the cave!!

– A happy part of our group after rebuilding our re-built wall!!! Praise the Lord its finally standing strong!!!

Next up:  Moving back to Louisiana.

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